Training Program 2021

ATENEO is the training project of Opificio Emiliano. It is the OPIFICIO EMILIANO teaching philosophy that satisfies all the answers of the Beauty Professional, because it is inspired by one of the cornerstones of our company:

“We have always believed that the beauty of hair goes first of all through care”

To take “care” of each customer in an adequate and personalized way, the professional must know his work tools to perfection: the products and treatments of Emiliano Opium.
Secondly, the hairdresser must be able to establish constructive communication with his client before, during and after his stay in the salon, to enhance his work and be more e ffi ective in formulating the beauty council.
Without forgetting the fashion inspiration: it is essential to stay up to date to offer each customer trendy looks customized according to style, taste and individual morphology.

Thanks to the ATENEO the professional will be able to train at 360 degrees and to bring the values ​​and the artisan method of Opificio Emiliano into the salon.

All the events take place at the headquarters of the Emiliano Workshop in Parma.

For more information about the ATENEO program please contact us